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Tax advisors

Turn advice into action by using technology to defend against tax enquiries

We provide a structure and process for residence and domicile record keeping, helping you and your client turn an overwhelming and chaotic process into one where you proactively gather digital evidence on an on-going basis.
Having a body of evidence to rely upon means risk, cost  and stress are significantly reduced, enabling enquiries to be navigated much more quickly and simpler than ever before.

Be prepared - overprepared.

As a tax advisor, it is crucial that you maintain a good level of trust and communication with your client, to be better prepared in the event of a tax enquiry

This is why we have created this client handout, explaining the importance of domicile record keeping, and why. This is important to ensure that your client is prepared and knows what to expect.

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Domicile Locker™

Domicile Locker refutes the allegation of ‘window dressing’ – the suggestion that your client is concocting a story to fit, now that their claimed non-dom status is being investigated. It answers the fundamental question of what was in someone’s mind, and how can they evidence that.

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Client completes a detailed Domicile Questionnaire to assist in gathering documentation.

‘Add a Trip’ creates a timeline of activity, and shows the purpose of the trip and related documentation to be attached.

Audit Report shows time stamped activity in the portal to prove intent over time.

Our platform is powered by Safelink, a provider trusted by Law Firms and Financial Service organisations around the world.

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Use your location data to prove your tax residence status.

Automated city and country travel logging  •  Capture receipts and travel documents
Create end of year residency report  •  Create day limit warnings for any tax jurisdiction

SmartDays App

Privacy & Security Features 

The level of security and privacy that we offer is unprecedented in the Accounting and Taxation profession. Taxteq is powered by Safelink, a provider of cloud based workspaces and trusted by Law Firms and Financial Service organisations around the world.

Privacy eye

We Cannot Read Your Data

Simply, your clients data and documentation cannot be viewed by anyone, other than by whom you choose.

We use separate encryption keys for each TaxLocker Portal and Tax Investigation Suite, and we do not retain the keys. Only invited members can decrypt the keys necessary to decrypt the data.

Encryption key

256-Bit Encryption

Taxteq transparently encrypts your data before storing it, using separate encryption keys per client portal, and only ever communicated over secured links.

Authorization and permissions

Authorisation & Permissions

For those you do invite in, ad-hoc or role based permissions give further simplicity and flexibility to who can see what.

Full Audit Record

Full Audit Record

Taxteq has built-in data loss prevention mechanisms, and has a detailed and indelible audit record of activity within each TaxLocker Portal and Tax Investigation Suite.

Authentication secure


Taxteq supports multi factor authentication. You can select authorisation policies for each TaxLocker Portal and be confident that your users have been correctly identified.

Data Residency

Data Residency

Choose where your data is held. We have instances in the Channel Islands, London, Dublin, New York, and Sydney.

Tax Investigation Suite™

Tax Investigation Suite is a game changer. It is the beating heart of the investigation, dramatically reducing the time it takes to gather, process and find that crucial piece of evidence that is required to defend your client.

Domicile locker dashboard

Drag and drop any file type, of any size for upload.

Documents are encrypted, unpacked and filed. Our software suite of tools allows you to search, de-duplicate, label and tag each document, and to highlight, annotate, redact and leave comments for your client and team.

Control who sees what with sophisticated security and privacy settings. Invite third parties into the Tax Investigation Suite to contribute.

Deliver your response to the tax investigator in an indexed, paginated pdf document, that will exceed expectations and accelerate the process.

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