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What Taxteq Does

Taxteq turns your advice into action by providing a structure and process for Domicile and Residence record keeping. 

The creation of a contemporaneous body of evidence is extremely valuable and can be used as a long term defence against enquiries.

Recording domicile and residence
Maintaining good communication with advisors
The Black Box for Business®

In the world of aviation, the aircraft black box stores valuable information about the aircraft and the actions of the crew. During investigations, finding this black box is key.

The data it holds provides insight and clarity into where the aircraft was, when and why, and what the crew's perspectives and intentions were.

“What if we created a black box for accountants and tax advisors?” With that question, co-founder Tim Huelin marked the start of Taxteq.

He learned that a tax enquiry was an arduous, expensive and time consuming process of retrospectively gathering information to offer proof to the questions an inspector was asking.

We want to make it easier for accountants, tax advisors and their clients to be prepared, and to quickly provide an investigator with contemporaneous evidence that draws matters to a close. Our technology creates efficiency in administration and compliance which in turn means more time available to be a trusted and valuable advisor to your clients.

Powered by Safelink

Taxteq is a collaboration between Boxteq and Safelink. For over a decade, Safelink has provided a powerful data room platform for Legal & Financial Services organisations around the world.

With the world’s only titan security® workspaces, it’s no surprise that Safelink houses some of the world’s most sensitive data.


Let’s improve efficiency, productivity and security for you and your clients.

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