Domicile Locker™

Software that helps your client prove their domicile

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Turning Advice into Action

Domicile Locker makes it easy for you and your client to be well-prepared ahead of time by compiling a body of evidence that will quickly answer the investigator's questions.

This will bring an enquiry more quickly to a close so that you can both go back to doing more of what technology can’t - being human.


Onboarding questionnaire

Within the Domicile Locker, you and your client will find a detailed questionnaire that will prompt the gathering of information and documentation that’s needed to support your client’s domicile. The questionnaire is split into sections, including Personal Details, Citizenship, Residence History and Future Intentions.

Trip recording

By regularly recording domicile-related travel, and the purpose of those trips, your client can build up a clear picture of how they live their lives.

Becoming deemed domicile
Communicating with HMRC

Time-stamped data

All interactions within the Domicile Locker are recorded, time-stamped and available in an audit report. This provides contemporaneous documentation, the presence of which will be critically important in an enquiry by proving what was in your client's mind.

Highly-secure personal data

The level of security and privacy that we offer is unprecedented in the Accounting and Taxation profession. Our platform is powered by Safelink, a provider of cloud-based data rooms and trusted by Law Firms and Financial Service organisations around the world.

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We cannot read your data

We use separate encryption keys for each Domicile Locker and do not retain the keys. Only those invited can decrypt the keys necessary to decrypt the data.

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We use 256-Bit Encryption

We transparently encrypt your data before storing it, using fresh encryption keys per Domicile Locker and only ever communicating over secured links.

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We offer flexibility

For those you do invite in, ad-hoc or role-based permissions give further simplicity and flexibility to control who can see what.

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